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US Benefits Overview

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TTEC offers a wide range of benefit offerings, designed to meet your healthcare needs and how you and your family use care.  This page is specific to Digital Employees – if you have questions, please work with your Human Capital Business Partner for assistance.

This page is dedicated to help you, our employees, as a one-stop overview of benefit offerings and information needed so that your benefits journey is a simple and seamless one.  Benefits that you must actively elect included Medical (pharmacy and an HRA or HSA spending account* are included with your election), Dental, Vision, Flexible Spending Accounts, and if you choose, Voluntary Benefits and Supplemental Life and AD&D, and Disability Coverage.  Benefits automatically provided by TTEC include Life and AD&D, Disability for select groups, 401(k) and Deferred Compensation (if applicable), Employee Assistance Program, Virtual Healthcare, Special Programs, Company Perks, and our Health & Wellness Program.


You are eligible to participate in all benefits if you are a regular full-time employee working at least 30+ hours per week.  There are also benefits available for part-time and seasonal employees, which you can find here [link to Eligibility page]….You have 30 days from your hire date in which to make elections.  Coverage is effective the first of the month following the 30 days.

Pre-Tax Premium Plans

Our medical, dental, vision, and 401(k) benefits are considered pre-tax benefits, which allows employees to take advantage of the tax savings generated by having healthcare premiums taken out of their paychecks before federal, state, and FICA taxes are deducted.  When you enroll in these benefits and your premiums are taken on a pre-tax basis, there are specific IRS guidelines that outline when you can change your health care elections.  Unless you have a qualifying life event, you are only able to terminate or change your or your dependent’s election during the annual open enrollment period.

Qualifying Life Events (QLEs)

A Qualifying Life Event (QLE) is a status change that results in a gain or loss of eligibility and a corresponding gain or loss of healthcare coverage.  These events include, but are not limited to:

  • Marriage or New Common Law Partner
  • Birth, Adoption, or Legal Guardianship
  • Dependent Loses or Gains Other Coverage
  • Divorce
  • Death of a Dependent
  • You Gain Other Coverage
  • You Lose Other Coverage

Qualifying Life Events must be initiated within 31 days of the event by opening an HX Connect ticket via ASK Now.  Documentation of the qualifying event is required.  Failure to meet the QLE requirements or deadline will prohibit any benefit changes.


Medical, dental, vision, and Flexible Spending Accounts are benefits that you actively elect.  


You have choices when it comes to electing a medical plan – offered through UMR, each of our three plans come with unique features designed to accommodate how you use care.  UMR is part of United Healthcare and our network is UHC Choice Plus.  All three UMR plans include prescription coverage, administered by Magellan Rx.  You and your covered dependents are automatically enrolled in the Magellan Rx Prescription Drug Program.  There is no separate membership card, it is included on your medical plan card.  For information about your pharmacy benefits, visit the Prescriptions page.  

  • Primary Care Plan
    This PPO plan is the lowest premium, highest  deductible and out-of-pocket plan and includes copays for most services including office visits and immediate care options.  This plan comes with a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), managed by Optum Financial, that can be used for healthcare expenses.  You cannot contribute your own funds to the HRA, but you may earn dollars to it by earning the wellness incentive.  If you enroll in this plan, you’ll continue to pay co-insurance and your prescription drug expenses do not count toward your medical plan deductible.
  • Balanced HRA Plan
    This PPO plan is the highest premium, lowest deductible and out-of-pocket plan.  It also includes a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), managed by Optum Financial, that can be used for healthcare expenses.  You may not contribute your own funds to the HRA, but you are eligible to earn the wellness incentive, which TTEC will fund to your HRA.  If you enroll in this plan, you’ll continue to pay co-insurance and your prescription drug expenses do not count toward your medical plan deductible.
  • Choice HSA Plan
    This High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) is a consumer-driven  plan that gives you more control over how you spend your healthcare dollars by providing a Health Savings Account (HSA), administered by Optum Financial, that you can contribute pre-tax dollars to, as well as earn wellness incentive dollars funded by TTEC.  Your HSA is always yours, even if you leave TTEC or change medical plans.  If you enroll in this plan, you pay prescription drug costs in full until you meet your medical plan deductible.  Your prescription drug expenses count toward your medical plan deductible.

Visit the Medical page for health plan details, premiums, Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs), Summaries of Benefits Coverage (SBCs), and more.  To learn more about Health Reimbursement and Health Savings Accounts, please visit here.

Anyone on a UMR medical plan has access to Quantum Health, our healthcare navigation partner, here to help you understand your coverage, find providers, assist with claims and billing, and so much more.  Your benefits must be in effect in order for you to create an account, but you are welcome to contact them at 855.497.1226 prior to then to obtain help with understanding our medical plan offerings so that you can make an informed decision on which plan is best for you.

For those in Colorado, you have an additional option to choose from with Kaiser Permanente.


Our dental plan is offered to encourage good dental health and provides 100% coverage for regular check-ups when using in-network providers.  We offer two plans, a Basic plan and an Enhanced plan, which includes orthodontia.  The dental plan is administered by Delta Dental of Colorado.  Visit the Dental page for health plan details, premiums, coverage, and more.  


Regular vision care is important to your overall health, especially given the amount of time we spend looking at our computers. Our vision plan, administered by Vision Service Plan (VSP), provides regular check-ups, frames, lenses, contacts, and more.  Visit the Vision page for a plan overview and premiums.

Flexible  Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Flexible Spending Accounts allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars from your paycheck to pay for eligible out-of-pocket healthcare and/or dependent care expenses.  The pre-tax nature of these accounts saves you money because you do not pay federal income of Social Security taxes on your FSA contributions.  Our Flexible Spending Accounts are all administered and managed by Optum Financial.

There are two Healthcare FSAs offered:

  • Healthcare FSA – this FSA intended for anyone electing the Primary Care or Balanced HRA plans, or a waived medical election, and can be used for health expenses that your plan does not cover, including medical, prescription drugs, dental, and vision expenses.
  • Limited Purpose FSA (LPFSA) – this FSA is specifically designed for participants of the Choice HSA plan, as the IRS does not permit you to enroll in a Healthcare FSA.  The LPFSA can be used for eligible dental and vision expenses that your plan doesn’t cover, and medical expenses after you’ve met your deductible.

The Dependent Care FSA helps you save on day care costs for children under the age of 13 and other eligible family members.

To learn more about how FSAs work, allowable contribution amounts, and eligible expenses, please visit the FSAs page.


TTEC Health & Wellness Program


Important Things to Note

  • If you elect a TTEC medical plan, you and your dependents 18+ must complete nicotine testing, with a negative result, in order to avoid the nicotine surcharge.  Please visit the Nicotine Testing page for details, deadlines, and to obtain vouchers for testing.
  • Dependent verification documentation is required for any dependents you enroll in medical, dental, and vision coverage.  You have 31 days from your benefits effective date to submit via an ASK Now ticket.
  • Enrollment in your benefits is completed via Oracle Employee Self-Service.  Use the Job Aid provided to complete enrollment and always print or screenshot your confirmation page.


Income and Savings Protection Benefits

Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Basic Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage are provide by TTEC at no cost to you, at 1x your annual base pay, up to a maximum of $200,000.  Please note, you are taxed, as required by the IRS, on the value of any company-provided coverage that exceeds $50,000.  Benefit amounts for you and your spouse reduce at age 65 and 70, respectively.

Short and Long-Term Disability

Disability coverage is provided by TTEC at no cost to you (for select groups), and includes both Short-Term and Long-Term coverage.  Disability replaces part of your pay if you’re unable to work due to non-work related injury or illness.  Coverage is automatically elected for you if you are eligible.  If you are not, you do have the option of selecting voluntary STD or LTD.  For more details, visit the Disability page.

  • Short-Term Disability replaces part of your pay if you’re unable to work for more than seven consecutive days due to pregnancy, illness, or non-work related injury.  Coverage includes 80% of your base salary if you have 2+ year of employment with TTEC, or 60% of your base salary if you have less than 2 years of employment.
  • Long-Term Disability replaces part of your pay if you’re disabled (as defined by the plan) and unable to work for more than three months.  Coverage pays up to 60% of your pre-disability earnings, up to $10,000 per month.

401(k) & Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation

Save and invest in your future by contributing pre-tax dollars with TTEC’s 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan, administered by T. Rowe Price.  Tax savings, a range of investment choices, and easy convenient savings make the company 401(k) a great value.  Your contributions are deducted from your paycheck before taxes are calculated, so you don’t pay taxes on the money you save in the plan.  If you do not enroll in the plan within 30 days from when T. Rowe Price creates your account, you will automatically be enrolled at a four percent savings rate.  You do have the opportunity, anytime, to adjust your contribution amount.  Visit the 401(k) page for more details.

Eligible employees can find additional tax-sheltered savings and recover refunded 401(k) plan contributions by participating in the Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plan (NQDC), administered by the Newport Group.  A wide array of elections and investment options make the NQDC plan a competitive and valuable benefit for highly-compensated employees.  TTEC employees eligible to participate in the NQDC plan are those with a total base salary of at least $115,000.  Visit the NQDC page for more details.

Voluntary Benefits & Supplemental Coverage

TTEC offers a number of voluntary benefits, as well as supplemental Supplemental Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage.  To learn more about each of the following offerings, visit the Voluntary Benefits page.

Voluntary Benefits

  • Accident Insurance – this plan provides cash reimbursement for certain medical situations caused by an accident.  Coverage includes injuries, fractures, hospitalizations for accidents, and accidental death.
  • Critical Illness – this plan also provides cash reimbursement for covered serious medical conditions and related expenses, as well as daily financial needs.  Conditions covered include cancer, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, MLS, kidney failure, and COVID.  Up to $20,000 in coverage is available.
  • Hospital Indemnity – this plan provides cash reimbursement for certain hospitalization expenses, including childbirth or newborn coverage, hospital admission, ICU, confinement, or inpatient rehabilitation.
  • Legal Plan – access over 13,000 qualified attorneys to assist you with a variety of legal situations, including estate planning, wills, trusts, mortgages, identity theft, and many other financial matters.

Visit the Voluntary Benefits page for details on all offerings noted above.

Supplemental Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Although Life and AD&D are provided to you at no cost, you do have the option of buying supplemental coverage as well.  You must have supplemental coverage for yourself before you can purchase it for your spouse and child(ren).  To learn more, visit the Life and AD&D Insurance page.


TTEC believes in a holistic approach to the health of our employees and supplements the traditional benefits with these great offerings:

Virtual Healthcare (Telemedicine)

AmWell is a virtual healthcare service that provides access to physicians and behavioral health specialists when you need immediate care.  Available 24/7 and just like an in-person visit for minor medical conditions such as allergies, cold and flu, sinus or respiratory infections, rashes, pink eye, and more.  Coverage includes both medical and behavioral health,  visit the Telemedicine page for details and cost.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is at no cost to all employees and their immediate family for assistance with challenges in their personal and work lives.  We provide short-term professional counseling services and other great resources on a variety of topics, including stress, work-life balance, parenting, relationships, family matters, grief, substance abuse, legal, and financial.  You and your dependents receive 6 in-person or virtual counseling sessions annually per need.  No enrollment is necessary, visit the EAP page for details on how to access.

Second Opinion

2nd MD provides a second opinion of a diagnosed condition or treatment plan from a national medical expert, helping members deal with complex or unresolved medical care needs.  This benefit is available at no cost to anyone on a TTEC medical plan.  Visit the Special Programs page for details.

Special Programs

Livongo Whole Person Programs provide support to employees on a TTEC medical plan who are pre-diabetic, diabetic, or hypertensive.  The Diabetes Management program provides free supplies for anyone with Type I or Type 2 diabetes and personal coaching from a Certified Diabetes Educator.  The  Diabetes Prevention program provides a free, connected scale, personal coaching and community support to address risk factors that can lead to diabetes.  The Hypertension program helps you manage and lower your blood pressure with a free, connected blood pressure monitor.  Personal coaching and real-time tips are also included.    

Pivot helps you to quit nicotine products when you’re ready, and in a way that makes sense for you.  The program offers personal coaching, a mobile breath sensor, nicotine replacement therapy, and engaging lessons delivered via a smartphone app. 

Visit the Special Programs page for details on both offerings.

Company Perks

Who doesn’t love a discount?  Our Company Perks offers hundreds of discounts on everything from gym memberships to cell phone coverage to vacation packages.  Visit the Company Perks page for more information.

Paid Time Off (PTO), Wellness Time, and Holidays

TTEC believes our employees should take time off from work when they need to – to be with their families and to take care of themselves.  To promote this, TTEC offers Paid Time Off (PTO), Wellness Time, and Holidays.  Please visit this page for details on each offring.

Education Assistance

TTEC is pleased to offer job-related education assistance via our Tuition Reimbursement and Certificate Programs.  The tuition reimbursement program is available to eligible employees wishing to pursue job-related education and offers reimbursement up to certain annual limits for free-standing courses taken towards a degree at any fully-accredited college, university, trade school, or technical school.  The certification program offers up-front payment for expenses towards earning a certification.  For details on both offerings, visit the Education page.


TTEC is committed to creating a culture of wellness that promotes and encourages healthier lifestyle choices by providing a wellness program that offers education, programs, tools and resources, and a team dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals.  And for those on a TTEC medical plan, you can earn a wellness incentive for healthy behavior awareness, adoption, and maintenance.  

Our approach to helping you Live Well, Work Well, Play Well, and Be Well is simple and straightforward, and based on 5 foundational pillars of wellness, including:

  • Mind – achieving a healthy mental mindset, positivity, and resilience
  • Body – being aware of your personal health and adopting a healthy physical lifestyle
  • Financial Well-Being – taking responsibility for your fiscal health and relationship with money
  • Social & Community – understanding the importance of a good support system and cultivating positive social connections
  • Purpose – developing self-confidence, personal value, and motivation on your life and wellness journeys.

Visit the Health & Wellness Overview, Wellness Programs & Services, and Wellness Incentives pages for details on our program and how to participate.